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    Walk on...

  • Walk on Rock

    Walk on Rock

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    Walk and Talk

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    Walk on Snow

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    Walk and Make Friends

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    Walk as a Pilgrim

The Christian Walking Club is for people who enjoy walking and share the Christian faith

We are a national club with a programme of weekend and week events during the year throughout the UK and sometimes abroad. Members span a wide range of ages and walking ability. Walks vary from countryside rambles to challenging winter mountain days. Each walk is graded so you know what to expect.

Our events are a great opportunity to make new friends, with time to get to know each other while walking, sampling tea shops or relaxing over an evening meal.

All events include space for worship.

Covid-19 Statement

Since the lifting of restrictions last summer we have successfully run many residential events and regional day events. Thank you to all who have helped with them.

For members attending residential events, our main Covid guidelines can be summarised as:

  • Members attending events are advised to carefully consider their own Covid risk related to attendance, and to consider others whose underlying risk of Covid-19 may be greater
  • We strongly recommend double vaccination and any booster offered.
  • Whilst Covid prevalence is high (as at April 2022), members are asked to take two pre-event lateral flow tests, one four days before and the other on the morning of the event before travelling. Lateral flow tests can be purchased through high street pharmacies or online. Free tests continue to be available in England for over 75s, and to the general population in Scotland until 18th April and Northern Ireland until 22nd April. Members should arrange to purchase tests for their own use if they are not available for free.
  • Members should not attend an event within ten days of having a positive test for Covid-19 or any of the three main symptoms of Covid-19; if they have other symptoms of a respiratory illness unless these are mild and resolving; or if they are a current household contact of someone with confirmed Covid-19.

For full details members should consult the full version of the Covid-19 guidelines available through the members' section of the website (note update pending).

We continue to monitor the evolving situation with Covid-19 including any government advice. From time to time our guidelines are changed to reflect the current situation. Please be aware when booking that CWC guidance may have changed by the time of the event. Members are asked to comply with guidance in place at the time of the event, and to consider at booking whether they will be willing to attend should guidance around pre-event testing and mitigations during the event be subsequently tightened or relaxed.

We are continuing to ask for offers to lead events at any grade. We welcome enquiries regarding all future events and look forward to seeing you in the near future.