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    Walk on...

  • Walk on Rock

    Walk on Rock

  • Walk and Talk

    Walk and Talk

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    Walk on Snow

  • Walk and Make Friends

    Walk and Make Friends

  • Walk as a Pilgrim

    Walk as a Pilgrim

The Christian Walking Club is for people who enjoy walking and share the Christian faith

We are a national club with a programme of weekend and week events during the year throughout the UK and sometimes abroad. Members span a wide range of ages and walking ability. Walks vary from countryside rambles to challenging winter mountain days. Each walk is graded so you know what to expect.

Our events are a great opportunity to make new friends, with time to get to know each other while walking, sampling tea shops or relaxing over an evening meal.

All events include space for worship.

Covid-19 Statement

With the reductions in restrictions so far in England, we are now running regional day events: some were held over Easter, and there were three more on Saturday 17 April. We are asking for offers to lead such events at any grade.

Once some indoor mixing is allowed (expected to be from 17 May at the earliest in England), we are permitting residential events again, though only in Covid compliant accommodation, and with appropriate restrictions. As increased indoor mixing is allowed, from 21 June at the earliest, we will allow further mixing on residential events.The situation in the other UK nations is currently less clear, but we are continuing to monitor and review evolving government advice as it becomes available.

Residential events deferred from 2020 have been carefully considered, and several of those which it is possible to run are now being advertised on the website. Others will be advertised shortly.

An updated set of Covid-19 event guidelines, allowing up to 12 on walks, was posted on the website on 8 April.

We welcome enquiries regarding all future events and look forward to seeing you in the near future.